Point of Sale Devices

for the facility or commercial activity

it consists of:


It is a tool against space requirements, provides better cable control and is easy to maintain, which distinguishes your brand image from others.

Barcode Scanner

It is a portable bar code scanner that features a high performance scanning engine that makes the process of reading both bar codes fast, reliable and very affordable than ever before.

POS Printer

Thanks to its fast printing speed of 200mm/ sec, easy paper replacement and less jam ability, it is suitable for peak hours in which there is a high customer demand and periods of promotional activities.


It is an addition screen to display all the features of the program through more than one angle and clarify the request for the customer.

PB series

It is an advanced integrated POS box, ideally suited for most retail sectors and cash receipt areas

Roll Paper

We also provide thermal paper for printing from cashier printer to deliver invoices to the customer.

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